Hungry Like The Wolf || Quinntana

Quinn was positively humming. She was on the shoot for a very little time, before she was told she could head home early. Smiling widely, she was planning on possibly going home to any empty house and probably rubbing one out since she was completely horny. For some reason, earlier in the day, she started thinking about Santana and Rachel back in high school. Rachel in those short skirts and Santana in that Cheerios uniform could make anyone horny within seconds. Her body was literally on fire. Groaning as she walked down the sidewalk, she quickly made her way up to the apartment and threw the door open. She glanced around the apartment for a moment until she realized Santana was home. Her purse was in the kitchen, making Quinn stare at it for a moment before she heard movement in the bedroom.

Her head snapped in the direction and she bolted. She wasn’t entirely sure what really took over her, but she was in the bedroom within minutes, shutting the door behind her. Quinn was sure part of her looked almost hunter-ish, but she was hungry for sex. The blonde surged towards the Latina, pushing her back on the bed and pinning her down. Quinn tugged off her shirt and undid her pants quickly, trying to push them down. She lifted Santana’s dress, pushing it up and pulling off her underwear before she slid herself inside of her girlfriend. She grunted slightly, rocking her hips hard into her. 

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    The blonde moaned into the kiss, kissing Santana silently. She practically sunk into her then, holding onto her tightly....
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    "Mine. You are mine." Running her hands up and down and Quinn’s back, Santana allowed her eyes to flutter shut. "You...