Puppy Love || Fapezberry

With the trio settled into the apartment, Quinn was back to work with her modeling. The blonde had focused on work the entire day, taking a long time to get through the day. She was tired by the end of the day, but she had promised to give both her girls a puppy. Quinn had left the studio, heading to the local puppy store. She had an idea of what she wanted to get for them, but of course, you had to check out the dog before you made a decision.

The blonde made her way to the puppy store and walked in, greeting a few of the clerks who knew exactly who she was. She smiled to them and went over to the little French Bulldog. Quinn smiled to the dog and picked him up, teasing the dog a little before petting him. Seeing him really calm, she smiled and nodded to the clerk. “I’ll get him,” she stated softly before paying for the little guy. She grabbed one of the bows for him and fastened it around his neck.

Heading home, she wondered what both Rachel’s and Santana’s reaction would be to this little guy coming home. Quinn finally got home and smiled as she stepped into the apartment. Glancing around to find the girls, she held the puppy in her arms.

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    She figured she’d teased Santana enough for one day and she pulled Santana close against her, smiling as she leaned in...
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    “I think Santana might have a stroke with the argyle sweaters if you try to put one on her,” she teased to the brunette....
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    Santana quirked her brow at Rachel as she frothed at the mouth now talking about matching argyle for all of them....